Utilities/Energy: Portable Floor Crane

T1 Electric Floor Crane

T1 Model Mini Crane: electric or manual

  • 18 ft. Hook Height
  • Rated Capacity: 1,200 LBS.
  • Pick & carry ability
  • Manual hydraulic jack
  • Electric 115v or 230v 1,200 lb. vertical winch
  • Hand crank/manual 2,000 lb. winch option for hazardous environments
  • Fits through 36 in. doorways
  • Fits inside most elevators
  • Brake on steer wheels
  • Water tank counterweights
  • Pull loads from rooftops
  • Speed: 20-25 FPM
  • 135 ft. 1/4" steel cable
  • Safety stop points on boom
  • Snatch block and tackle
  • Industry compliant (no operator license required)
  • Industry-leading two year warranty

HVAC installation Pipe Pumps Duct Work Municiples School/University maintenance Industrial construction Repairs, fixes, facility maintenance Oil refiners, boats, docks, platforms Warehouse, shops Aerospace/Aircraft/Helicopter Mechanical Energy Masonry Museums, art panels and statues Operates down shafts for iron workers Airplane manufacturing, repair, maintenance Roofing/Solar installation Steel erection, and industrial installation Small footprint for narrow hard to reach spaces, glazing, glass window installation, repair, maintenance, shop crane, parts repairs.