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Steel Erection, Rooftop Mini Crane

Steel Erection & Steel Lifting Mini Crane

With their compact size the Smart-Rig® Crane is ideal for steel lifting and installation projects with confined spaces, or for use on floors unable to support a lot of weight, such as the low-density concrete floors of high-rise towers. Smart-Rig Mini cranes are being used in the steel industry to save money and reduce time on jobsites. Contractors use mini cranes on building sites rather than vying for time or expensive rent rates of larger cranes which are costly and require fuel, training and time. Use the T1 or S1 model portable crane hoist to lift beams or set steel beams in place on residential or commmercial building sites.

Smart-Rig® Cranes Case Studies

Bombardier Aerospace: Bombardier Aerospace is a division of Bombardier Inc . (Fortune 500 conglomerate) and is the third-largest airplane manufacturer in the world. They procured the Smart-Rig Crane S1 Model for maintenance and repairs on aircraft.

Tri-State Power and Generation: Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association is a wholesale electric power supplier owned by the 44 electric cooperatives that it serves. Tri-State generates and transmits electricity to its member systems throughout a 200,000 square-mile service territory across Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wyoming. Tri-State procured the T1 Model Smart-Rig Crane for maintenance and repairs.

United Maier Signs: With one of the largest (and newest) install fleets in the Midwest and one of the largest sign shops in the area, United Maier Signs purchased the S1 Model Smart-Rig Crane with custom winch and 135 ft. cable. The signs that come out of this shop range from small vinyl applications to large building top signs that require a large helicopter to install. The S1 is being utilized to save time and money.

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Mini cranes like Smart-Rig S1 and T1 model lifts are built in the USA with USA parts, but can ship to Canada, North or South America. Anywhere in the world, to a port or to your door.