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Floor Cranes: Portable & Easy to Use Smart-Rig Shop Cranes: Manual, Electric or Battery Powered. All Reversable, pick and carry w/ counterweight.

Some portable floor cranes, engine hoists or shop cranes are limited in their ability to boom heavy materials overhead or pick and carry materials such as glass window panels, curtain walls, steel beams, HVAC units, debri, etc. or preform complex vertical rigging, mounting, setting or moving in hard to reach areas and tight spaces on commercial job sites.
Portable Smart-Rig Mini Cranes are simple and basic to use, delivered fully assembled and can be set-up inside a shop or warehouse, or be used outside on most surfaces (dirt, mud, concrete, asphalt, grass, wood, sand) by using specialized, portable custom mini crane mats designed for mobile lifting equipment to roll on to preserve landscape.
Large construction cranes can't fit through a 34 inch standard doorway or be placed on a rooftop and rig loads from above.
Our small, light-duty or heavy-duty 24V or electric/AC, or manual hand crank spur gear winch Mobile Shop Cranes are compact, versatile material handling machines and operate with spider like fold out, outrigger legs, and eco-friendly water tank counter weight system. These versatile portable hoist cranes are flexible & dynamic, built for narrow space rigging, inside, outside or on roof tops, birdges, cliffs, or aircraft; whereas other small cranes can't be used because of size, cost of renting or buying, or limited design capabilities.

Mini cranes like Smart-Rig S1 and T1 model lifts are built in the USA with USA parts, but can ship to to a port, or to your door North America.

Portable crane Download S1 Spec Sheet

Portable crane Download T1 Spec Sheet

Press "play" to view S1 model set-up

(*2008 S1 Model)

S1 Model (full power)
1,950 lbs. capacity (single line rating)
Hoist meets ASME B30.5 (rated 3:1)
Boom: 18'-22'
Hydraulic jack w/ remote controls
Full battery powered (mobile, 24 volt battery power)
Fits through 36 in. doorways
Fits inside elevators
100 ft. aircraft cable
Counter weight water tank system
Steering wheel for easy turning
10 and 8 inch main wheels, polyuerothane on iron and 3 support casters
Hook height 18-3"- 22 ft. option
Eliminates need for large cranes
Works where forklifts cannot
Can be used to tug or drag
Degree finder on side of boom
Powdercoated for durability (not like paint that rusts)
Cal-OSHA load tested at 110%
Proof tested at 150%
destructive load teasting at 200%

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T1 Model (1200 lb capacity/electric 115v/230v or manual winch for oil and gas industries)