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Floor Cranes: Portable industrial/commercial lift equipment: Manual, Electric or Battery Powered. All Reversable, pick and carry w/ counterweight.

portable floor cranes help boom heavy materials overhead or pick and carry materials such as glass window panels, curtain walls, steel beams, HVAC units, debri, etc. or preform complex vertical rigging, mounting, setting or moving in hard to reach areas and tight spaces on construction job sites. Portable Smart-Rig Mini Cranes are simple to use, delivered fully assembled to be set-up inside a shop or warehouse, or be used outside on most surfaces (dirt, mud, concrete, asphalt, grass, wood, sand) by using specialized, portable custom crane mats designed for mobile lifting equipment. Large construction cranes can't fit through a 36 inch standard doorway, lift in restricted access or confined spaces or be placed on a rooftop and rig loads from above. That's where small cranes can be utilized. Our small, light-duty or heavy-duty 12V/DC, electric/AC, or manual hand crank spur gear winch Mobile material lift equipment. Operate with spider like outrigger legs, and eco-friendly water tank counter weight system. These versatile portable hoist cranes are flexible & dynamic, built for narrow space rigging, inside, outside or on roof tops, birdges, cliffs, or aircraft; whereas other small cranes can't be used because of size, cost of renting or buying, or limited design capabilities.

Smart-Rig S1 and T1 model lifts are built in the USA with USA parts, but can ship to to a port, or to your door or facility in North America, South America, and around the globe.

Portable crane Download S1 Spec Sheet

Portable crane Download T1 Spec Sheet


Battery, Electric or Manual Models: be completely mobile with batteries or use an electric winch or manual winch. Our compact mini cranes come fully assembled, ready to go!

  • S1 Model™ (battery powered/hydraulic)
    12v, 10amp charger diagram
  • S1 is rated 1,950 lbs. cap. (single line.)
  • T1 Model: electric AC powered, or manual hand crank, 1200 lb. cap.(single line rating)
  • Telescopic Boom 18 ft. height
  • 100-135 ft. of aircraft steel cable.(add on options available)
  • Snatchblock and tackle included for both models
  • Heavy Duty S1 Hoist Meets ASME B30.5 standards (3:1 rating single line)
  • Standard model hoist meets CE Machinery Directive 98/37/EC and 2006/42/EC, and CE Electromagnetic Compatibility 2004/108/EC.
  • No operator license required under most North American 1 ton and under safety agency rated regulations
  • Destructive load testing at 200%
  • Safety stop points on boom sections
  • Fail-safe check valve
  • Line Speed: 25-30 FPM(feet per minute: varies by model, hoist, load, depth, position, single line or w/ double block attachments)
  • S1 Hydraulic jack w/ controls raises the boom on S1
  • Pick and carry ability on all models: move heavy loads easily in and out of rooms, doors, halls, aisles, elevators, rooftops. Many floor crane designs limit them to stationary working conditions.
  • 3 options: Manual, 12 volt DC battery powered, or electric 115v/230v(AC powered)
  • Manual winch option for T1 Model: (spark resistent for hazardous environments near fumes like oil & gas)
  • Fits through 36 in. doorways, elevators, narrow aisle access, confined space access
  • Fits inside standard elevators
  • Counter weight tank system (fill with water easy, drains easily, light-duty eco-friendly format, reduces shipping cost and load bearing on roof top structures)
  • Rear steer wheels/w locks for easy turning/positioning
  • 4 ten in. wheels; polyeurothane on iron, and 3 support caster wings (7 wheels of supporting outrigging legs)
  • Brake on steer wheels. Steering handle connected to stear wheels. Push forward or use in a reverse floor crane application
  • Degree finder on side of crane boom arm for safe lifting
  • Powdercoated for durability
  • Adjustable outrigger legs to swing, move, position materials around obstacles (fold in for easy trasport between, or within job areas)
  • Industry-leading two year warranty
  • Drag materials up side of buildings 1-12 stories or more!
  • Remove debri like concrete, metal or parts quickly
  • Eliminates need for large cranes, and reduces rentals and jobsite budgets
  • Works where forklifts, chainfalls cannot: on the roof, in an aisle, on a deck, dock, bridge, cliff, helicopter, plane, aircraft, utility facility, and tight spaces
  • Can be used to lift, install, set, pull, tug, handle materials like glass, steel, HVAC units and heating and air conditioning products, alumnimum or plastic panels, storefront windows, concrete or debri materials, metals, stones, marble, or raw material, masonry blocks, AAC clocks, statues, pumps, cylinders, motors, parts, repair parts, mainetance lifts, aircraft compenents, logs, iron beams, glazing curtian wall panes, trusses, jobsite materials of all types.
  • Increases safety & productivity on residential & industrial/commercial construction sites
  • Decreases worker back injuries and worker's comp claims (saving legal fees and stress)
  • Small compact footprint and eco-friendly design allow light-weight trasport for versatile dynamic lifting ability
  • Create efficiency, while increasing safety
  • Mini cranes S1 and T1 Model lifting devices are made in the USA, Northern America, but can be shipped to Canada, South America or to any port, business facility/shop door, dock, warehouse, boat or your private custom residential home building site.