Mini Crane

Mini Cranes: Battery, Electric or Manual Portable Hoists

Smart-Rig Cranes produces the S1 Model battery power floor crane rated just under one ton and the T1 model portable electric or manual hand crank mini crane with 1,200 lb. rating.

After releasing the S1 model battery powered, DC full hydraulic mini-crane, Smart-Rig Cranes, a leader in portable crane & floor crane manufacturing and distribution worldwide, is introducing the T1 model mini crane available in electric or manual versions.

T1 model mini cranes have the same patented narrow base as the S1 crane that fits through a door and inside elevators, the same spider-like leg outrigger system and water-tank counter weight system to couter balance loads, our customers love, but we scaled down the small crane to help a more budget consious industrial buyers and help operators with minimal lifting requirments own a portable hoist.

With a 18 boom height, the new T1 portable hoist utilizes a new mast design incorportaing a manual hand pump jack to raise the boom and electric winch, as opposed to a hydraulic jack and batteries. The maximum load capacity is rated at 1,200 lbs., which serves the HVAC(heating and air conditioning) industry well, glazing, residential, commercial, auto, aircraft industries well. The T1 crane helps construction workers and employees save time and money setting pipe, pumps, towers, duct work, also with airplane maintenance and manufacturing, aerospace, and general maintenance such as in energy, municiples and schools.

Easy to push around on jobsites and on interior floors, the T1 hoist can also be used on multiple surfaces including exterior surfaces such as grass, dirt, gravel, asphalt, concrete. Utilizing rear steering, the new design allows the crane to swivel, pick and carry and rotate materials and loads. This aspect, according to Josh, gives users a greater sense of control over their applications. "An operator can literally grab a load off the back of a truckbed outside, and carry that load inside a building, through doorways and inside elevators, up several stories, through hallways and aisles, and straight to the jobsite where it can be positioned to rig that same load into position for installation." Josh said.

Unlike a forklift, these portable cranes are meant to work in tight spaces and rig loads from above. There is no noise, no gas, no pollution.

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Mini Cranes
Mini Floor Cranes Download T1 SPEC SHEET / LOAD CHART

Floor Cranes, Mini
Mini Crane for Industrial Hoisting

Two Models of Mini Crane

Battery, electric or manual options
18 ft. hook height
T1 MAX LOAD: 1,200 LBS.
S1 MAX LOAD: 1,950 LBS. Pick & Carry Ability
Hydraulic or Manual/Hand pump jack
Fits through 36 in. doorways
Fits inside elevators
Brake on steer wheels
Water tank counterweights
Pull loads from rooftops
Speed: 15-20 FPM
135 ft. 1/4" steel cable
OSHA compliant
One year warranty

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