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Davit Cranes

Davit Cranes

Wall or Floor Mounted Portable Davit Cranes with Winch & Galvanized Finish

Why Use Davit Cranes?

Davit cranes are perfect for permanent or portable lifting problems. The Davits can have fixed or adjustable booms. Davit cranes incorporate a hand operated or electric winch and cable assembly for handling heavy loads. They are available in portable or stationary Davit crane models. Available in a range of capacities and sizes, these Davit cranes can come in stainless steel construction or with galvanized coating to protect against corrosion. The Smart-Rig design allows mobility and easy lifting similar to a davit. Instead of being wall mounted or floor mounted, the Smart-Rig is transportable, able to be used on most boats, docks, warehouses indoors or outside.

The floor mounted davit cranes make any operation simple and affordable with trouble-free setup and breakdown for easy transport between multiple service sites. Portable davit cranes lift up to 500 lbs., 1,000 lbs, 15000 lbs, 2,000 lbs, 2,500 lbs. Adjustable boom telescopes to different lengths. Crane can rotates 360. Crane breaks down for easy storage or transport. DC or AC powered (battery or electric) available. .