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Chain Hoists

Single speed electric chain hoist with hook mount operates on single phase power and has a compact die-cast aluminum body with low headroom; and a fan-cooled motor. The body housing on this portable rigging hoist is sealed for protection from dirt, moisture, and harsh environmental conditions. This hoist has a load sheave with deep-groove pockets to support the load chain, and help reduce vibration and chain wear. The pull-rotor electric brake has a self-adjusting brake drum and no brake coil for less maintenance. The single speed electric chain hoist is typically used to lift and move heavy loads for industrial or commercial applications, but also may be used in other industries with similar applications.

Load capacity is the maximum rated load a hoist can handle. While manufacturers may indicate they have tested a hoist beyond its limits, operators should never attempt to lift a load heavier than the maximum rated load. Lifting speed describes, in feet per minute (fpm), how quickly the chain hoist can lift the maximum rated load. Lift is the maximum vertical distance the load hook can move a load. Headroom is the distance from the bottom of the load hook to the top of the hoist. This is the minimum amount of vertical space needed for the hoist to hang freely and operate correctly. Duty ratings describe the maximum amount of time a hoist can run and the number of times it can start over a given time period under various conditions such as intermittent use, or short and lengthy periods of operation.

Hoists are devices that use relatively small amounts of force to lift, lower, and move heavy loads. Power hoists transfer a small, motor-generated force across a series of gears that multiply the force into one large enough to lift the designated load. Their lifting mechanisms consist of a motor; drive shaft and gear set; and a chain, rope, or wire, with a hook attached to it for lifting loads. Hoists are commonly suspended from structures by hook or trolley mounts, and are typically used in a variety of industries such as transportation, construction, manufacturing, mining, plumbing, foundry, and material handling.

Manual Hand Chain Hoists

Roughneck manual chain hoist features steel-casting housing, Grade 80 chain and a compact design that's perfect for tight spaces. Lightweight chain hoists are durable and easy to operate.