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Mini Crane Small Crane Glass Lifter

Atlanta Georgia Floor Cranes, Construction Cranes, Mini Crane

Portable crane Download S1 Spec Sheet

Portable crane Download T1 Spec Sheet

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Mobile Cranes for interior and exterior use
S1 Model Specs
  • Pick & Carry Ability
  • Lift up to 2,400 lbs
  • Boom up to 18'-3" ft.
  • Hydraulic jack
  • Battery powered (mobile)
  • Electric 120v option
  • Remote controlled winch (option)
  • Fits through 36 in. doorways
  • Fits inside elevators
  • Works where forklifts & chainfalls don't
  • Easy to operate & maneuver
  • Tilt sensor alarm (option)
  • Water tank Counterweight system
  • Meets ANSI B30.5

Materials Handling

About Us

Smart-Rig Portable Cranes is focused on producing quality, portable & versatile materials handling equipment that delivers the productivity, return on investment and cost-effectiveness that today's value-conscious customers expect.


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Construction Cranes Portable Crane Small Cranes Small Cranes

Portable Floor Cranes, Jib, Davit, Construction Cranes

The Smart-Rig Floor hoist is designed to lift, drop, drag, pull, tug, transport, carry, stack, move, hold and set loads and heavy materials in most any situation, interior or exterior. Just some of the industries that use small cranes and portable cranes include HVAC, pipe, steel, ports, military, oil refineries, warehouses, marinas, manufacturers/fabricators, water plants, shipping yards, factories, airlines, utility companies, disaster deployment operations, spa installment, farms, sewage, glass lifting, window installation, mining, AAC concrete installation, cement, railroad, and many, many more. This small crane can be used in any environment that requires heavy lifting.

Small cranes are used in construction rigging for hard to reach areas and tight spaces. The narrow design of a compact walk behind crane allows the mobile lift to rig heavy loads and hoist from above, where forklifts, Roust-a-bouts cannot. Mini cranes can lift, stack, pick and carry or position materials using a hydraulic boom and remote controlled operated heavy-duty winch with steel cable that can raise, lower, drag, drop, and handle HVAC, AC, pipe, water towers, logs, and many materials commonly used in rigging applications and on jobsites and work areas. The Smart-Rig Crane can be set on top of a roof to pull loads up, set windows from the floor above or below, on a bridge, in a warehouse, interior or exterior construction sites, roadways, railroads, docks, marinas, museums, and more.

Our solution to your portable rigging needs is a small crane system which can be operated by one man. Hoisting, chainfalls and make-shift rigging devices and machines are dangerous leading to accidents and injuries. Our portable crane prevents medical injuries and increases workplace safety while performing heavy or awkward lifts and rigging. We manufacture and distribute quality lifting cranes for a variety of construction industries including heating and air conditioning, general construction, steel, pipe fitters, industrial construction, manufacturing, refridgeration, sign companies, mechanical engineering, robotics, chemical, home builders, recycling, log building, tree removal, glass installtion, moving server racks, setting statues, road work, uranium, mason, forest, art studios, environmental, solar installation, transport/moving, glass installation, maintenance, warehouse, petrochemical, government work, maintenance departments, churches, theme parks, oil refineries, grain distillers, airplane manufacturing, fabrication, ship building, plants and facilities, mechanical, plumbing, ac, sculpture lifting, boats, yards, ports and hundreds of industries that require energy saving rigging on-site and mulit-purpose application rigging. Below the hook lifting device fr any worksite. Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Athens, Atlanta, Albany

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