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Aircraft Floor Hoist Crane

The Smart-Rig portable crane is designed to lift, drop, drag, pull, tug, transport, carry, stack, move, hold and set loads and heavy materials in most any situation, interior or exterior. Ground support equipment(GSE). Aviation cranes, aviation maintenance portable cranes, Small Crane Aviation, Aerospace, Airline, Aircraft, Planes, Helicopters, Jets, private and commercial aviation maintenance. Multi-task maintenance cranes lifts, positions, installs and repairs; ejection seat, canaopy, windscreen, stabalizer, gear box, Aileron, Deceleron, LEF PDU, Ammo Drum, Wing/LE Flap, APU, H-60 Transmsn., Fuel Cooler, EPU, Speed Brake, Gun System, Nacelle, Rotor Blade. Smart-Rig utility cranes help aircraft part repairs, engine or component maintenance and manufacturing go quickly and safely.

These floor cranes are often used to handle aircraft engines and control surfaces, frequently within tight work areas, repair inlet cowls, reveser, flap, slats, etc. Used in private and commercial airline companies. Ideal to assemble parts, bomb removal, or installation of AC, wings, engines, industrial safety or for example maintenance on other machinery and parts. Our mini-cranes and spider-like cranes are being used around the world for portable helicopter mini crane repairs and mainatenance and for easy repairs on all aircraft and shuttles.

Mini cranes like Smart-Rig S1 and T1 model lifts are built in the USA with USA parts, but can ship to Canada, USA, North America, etc. To a port or to your door.

S1 Model Battery Power Floor Crane

  • Pick & Carry Ability: pushable, reversable
  • 1,950 lbs. rated (single line rating; increase with snatch block)
  • Boom 18 ft. hook ht.
  • Hydraulic jack
  • Battery powered 12 volts (mobile)
  • 100 ft. of cable
  • Heavy duty ASMEB30.5 winch works with hand controls
  • Fits through 36 in. doorways
  • Fits inside elevators
  • Safety stops on boom sections
  • Easy to operate, turn & maneuver
  • Safety stop points on boom sections
  • Line speed: 25-35 FPM
  • Pick and carry or reverse materials
  • Water tank Counterweight system
  • No operator license needed under most North American safety agency 1 ton and under rule